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Your roof will need cleaning every now and again, and we’ll tell you why in a moment, but first, a warning: you may notice black streaks on your roof and decide you can deal with it yourself. The easiest way to do so is to get your pressure washer on it, right? Wrong! Never use a pressure washer on your roof! Doing so can easily damage the roof itself, and it won’t deal with the problem, which is the roof algae that builds up on the shingles. There are jobs where a pressure washer will be the tool to use, but roof shingles can be fragile.

In recent years, roof algae has become a major problem in the Birmingham region. It is unsightly and – as we will explain – also damaging to your roof. Dealing with roof algae is an expert job that should always be carried out by someone who is trained in the most up to date techniques and equipment.

At Superior Cleaning Service, we can provide you with expert roof cleaning solutions using no-pressure techniques, so that you get the results you need at sensible rates, and with no damage done.

Why do you need your roof cleaning? Let’s have a look!

Roof Algae in Birmingham

What is roof algae? First and foremost, it’s a major problem for homeowners in Birmingham and Alabama! The algae we are talking about is called Gleocapsa Magma. It is very common indeed, it spreads very easily, and is prevalent on roofs because it floats on the air.

Why is it a problem? Roof algae loves the warm and humid climate we (somewhat) enjoy in the South. It likes to make its home on the north facing slope of the roof of a building. Here, it thrives in conditions that give it the perfect combination of warmth, light and shade, and rapidly become settled. Once it does so, it begins to actually ‘feed’ on your roof.

Roof algae likes the crushed limestone that your shingles are partly made up of, and it spreads very quickly. Rain also helps it spread down and across the roof. You will see this happening in the form of nasty black streaks that are very noticeable. This is a sign you have a roof algae problem beginning to expand, and you need to call up Superior Cleaning Service to stop it from spreading further.

If you leave it, you will find your entire roof is overtaken by roof algae in just a few years, and you have a quickly deteriorating roof. Your roof shingles are designed for protection from the elements, and also to reflect the damaging UV rays of the sun. This has two effects: it shortens the life of the shingles, and it allows for heat loss through your roof. Heat loss is also you losing money, and you may not even be aware it’s happening.

Roof algae can cause roof damage that is expensive to fix. To prevent harmful damage, be sure to to keep a close eye out for algae that may be accumulating on your roof. Roof algae needs to be dealt with as early as possible, and it needs to be killed. Pressure washing will not kill it, but our no-pressure methods will! We use proven methods – the very latest in fact – to do the job quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing you a clean and healthy roof.

If you see those tell-tale black streaks, you need to get in touch with us right away, and one of our team members will come out and take a look.

Benefits of a Clean Roof

Having a clean roof with save you money down the road. Cleaning can increase the longevity of a roof and decreases the chance of damage. Common problems that occur include lifted shingles or nails. clogged gutters, pooling water that can cause leaks, shrinking, cracking, and debris damage. You can benefit from roof inspections and annual roof cleaning to catch these issues early and repair problems before they before costly.

Curb appeal is important to home owners. If you wish to sell your home in the future or increase the resale value of your home a clean roof will be sure to catch a potential buyer’s eye. Other benefits that come with roof cleaning are the prevention of infestations and the ability to avoid foundation problems.

Why Use Superior Cleaning Service?

At Superior Cleaning Service we are proud of our many regular, satisfied customers in and around Birmingham, for whom we have been providing a wide range of cleaning solutions for many years. We don’t just deal with roofs and roof algae – check out our window cleaning, patio cleaning  and other services for more information – but it is one of our areas of expertise.

Also, we are professional and honest in our assessment of the condition of your roof. There have been many instances of homeowners being told they need a new roof at great expense, when in fact cleaning and repairing the existing roof would have done the job. You can be sure we will advise you of the best course of action, every time.

How will we clean your roof? We use methods that kill the algae by attacking the roots, and these are environmentally friendly techniques that are proven to work. Our methods have an effect very quickly, and will leave your roof free of algae and looking good again. You’ll find our team to be professional and courteous, and we will do the job with as little obstruction to your routine as possible.

Getting a Quote

It’s easy to miss the onset of roof algae, as not everyone examines the roof of their home. It’s recommended that, once in a while, you take a walk around – head to the north slope first – and see if you can see the signs of algae, those black streaks.

If you’re unsure, call us at Superior Cleaning Service, and we’ll be happy to have a look for you. We can give you a quote using the online request form for roof cleaning, patio cleaning, windows and more, and you will find us to be very competitive when it comes to our rates.

Let the professionals deal with troublesome roof algae before it is too late. We are waiting for your call and ready to help!