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First Friday’s Fultondale – September, 2019

Once in a while you stumble across a bar or café that has just the right friendly atmosphere, serves the very best beers and is perfect for that relaxing pint with friends. It’s even better when you find it’s the place to catch up on the latest sports events, and...

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How to find a super good window washing company?

Washing windows as well as finding the right window washing company to execute the job may seem so simple, yet a lot of customers end up with disappointment and frustration over the ‘pros’ that they previously hired. Below are a few key things to keep in mind that...

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Top 7 Full Service Car Washes in downtown Birmingham

Regular automotive checks and maintenance are all it usually takes to avoid having car trouble leave you stranded. Outside of just being mechanically sound though, you also want to drive a clean car, right? There is no greater feeling than driving a clean,...

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The Historic Lyric Theatre in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama

Of the many historic and interesting buildings in Birmingham, Alabama, there is one that holds a place in the heart of many people who have visited it since it first opened in 1914. This is the Lyric Theatre, recently renovated to its former glory and as spectacular...

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8 Uses for a Pressure Washer

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you need one! You’ve probably seen advertisements for these very handy devices, or perhaps a neighbor or friend has one. Like many people you may have regarded a pressure washer as a needless expense. The truth is they are very...

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Pro Window Cleaning Tips for a spotless, streak-free Home

Have you just had your window replaced? Or just tidying up your home as part of your spring cleaning? In either case, we know you want to ensure you get those windows of yours spotless and streak-free, right? In this article, we listed 6 amazing window cleaning tips...

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The Best Things About Living in Birmingham

There are some wonderful places to live in the USA, and Birmingham, Alabama, is one such city. Having undergone something of a resurgence in recent years, Birmingham – known as ‘The Magic City’ – is once again a thriving, welcoming and vibrant place to be, so if you...

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How to Pressure Wash Your Home Exterior

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean your home’s exterior. Thanks to its high-pressure water stream, it can penetrate textured surfaces such as aluminum, wood and vinyl sidings. However, this chore requires some level of skills and enough...

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Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

  Let's face it. Most people neglect their gutter systems until they stopped working properly. But the truth is, gutters serve an important service on your home and they requires proper maintenance just like the rest of your whole house. Proper gutter maintenance...

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Why did my vinyl siding turn green?

Vinyl siding, which was introduced in the late 1950’s, has been one of the most commonly used exterior home solutions, both in Birmingham and all over the US. Since then, it had been a well-known replacement to aluminum siding. It’s also undeniable that vinyl has come...

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We’re a local company serving Birmingham, Pelham and the surrounding areas for over a decade. We offer both residential and commercial services to include:

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