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One of the common myths about window cleaning is that it only makes sense during the warm months. The only time experts advise homeowners to avoid exterior cleaning though is in bad weather or when it’s otherwise not safe to do so. Traditionally, most people prefer cleaning exterior windows once a year during the spring. There are numerous benefits of professional cleaning them regularly during all seasons though.

First, cleaning helps to prevent glass degradation. Hard water and acid rain can result in the buildup of debris. Besides looking bad (see below ?), acid rain will damage the glass over time. This is because dirt particles can enter the glass’s pores and cause corrosion.

By cleaning them regularly, you will prevent the problem and improve their lifespan. Another major benefit of window cleaning is that it helps to boost your home’s curb appeal. If they are clean, they will attract potential home buyers whenever it’s time to sell. If you’re not looking to move out soon though, it’s important to remember that your windows are your view to the outside world. Bringing in natural lighting can help liven up your interior spaces and may enhance your mood during the darker winter months. That’s why it’s important to wash your home’s exterior windows at least twice per year and if possible, with each and every season.

Reasons for the Popularity of Window Cleaning During Spring

Although the spring brings comfortable weather and blossoming plant life, it also attracts common enemies of clean windows. Post-winter cleaning activities do make a lot of sense. Bugs, and birds are threats to your windows’ condition as the weather starts to warm up, and let’s not even talk about ALL THE POLLEN…EVERYWHERE!!! ? By the middle of spring, there’s definitely a need for a fresh window washing here in Alabama. A professional cleaning company can help you remove all the gunk and dirt that builds up during this time of the year.

Increased pest populations mean more droppings and other residues. A professional cleaning service in Birmingham can help to whisk the problems away though, even on those hard-to-reach 2nd floor windows.

Another reason for window cleaning in Birmingham during spring is that you will get rid of winter remnants that may be on your windows. While snow may be rare here, you can still find leftover mineral deposits from past winter storms on them if you don’t clean them off.

Spring window cleaning in Birmingham enables you to take in the spring views and enjoy the natural lighting indoors. But you also need natural lighting during the winter months and if it does happen to snow this year, wouldn’t you like to be able to enjoy that view as well?

Should You Clean them During the Other Seasons?

Yes. There are pros and cons of doing your exterior cleaning during every season. Some people do it during the summer as the windows can dry fast and the chances of rain are lower. Others believe autumn is a perfect time as the temperatures are not too high.

This means the chances of cleaning products drying up and leaving residues will be lower. On the other hand, some homeowners clean them during the winter despite the fact that there’s a lot of rain and occasional snow. As we stated in the beginning of the article though, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t wash your home’s windows in every season. You’ll have a better view on the world outside and it will only help to protect the window glass.

Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service in Birmingham:

There are numerous benefits to leaving window cleaning to professionals. First, you’ll be safe. Cleaning the windows may involve climbing on a ladder, which is risky.

Secondly, when you hire a professional cleaning service in Birmingham, it means you will not need to buy the necessary supplies. Superior Cleaning Service has the right tools and personnel to get the job done. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate over the phone.