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Pressure Wash Your Concrete Pool in 4 Easy Steps

If your home has a swimming pool in the backyard, chances are you are one of the cooler people in your neighborhood. Your kids always want to have their friends over to go swimming, and you are considered the best person to host that summer party. But with the perks of owning a swimming pool comes the responsibility of pool maintenance in order to prevent damage to the pool and deck.


Pools come in all different types, but if you own a concrete pool you, unfortunately, have the extra step of having to deal with washing the surface of the concrete that has accumulated grime, algae, dirt, and other murky stains. This can be a challenging endeavor, and simply running a garden hose with low jet power and scrubbing may not be adequate. This is where pressure washing may come into play.


Pressure washing is all about using the natural force of water to lift stains off the pool surface. It’s very easy but just requires a few basic steps to get a professional result of a new clean pool and desk. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing the work, there are professional pressure washer contractors that can assist you from risking further damage to your pool and desk. If you choose to do this yourself, you will need to buy a pressure washer.

Step 1: Clean the Pool


The first step is to empty all the water from the pool, draining it the normal way and letting the pool dry out a bit if the weather is good. If the water is really dirty, you may want to notify local authorities of the wastewater you are displacing.


After the pool is emptied and has dried, you may go ahead and give the pool and deck a good sweep to collect any solid material, such as dirt, stones, leaves and debris. The better you sweep and remove solid material from the pool plaster and deck surfaces, the easier the washing process will go. It is best to start with a light power spray on a low PSI and not go right into a high pressure wash, as it will prep the surface areas as you apply the chemicals and pressure. It is important you apply this step to the pool deck area as well.

Step 2: Spray Detergents and Ascend Power of Pressure Washer


Next, you will want to spray the detergent over the entire wet surface, starting from the bottom of the pool floor and working your way up the pool walls and then to the pool deck. Let it sit for a few minutes to get the soap detergent to react adequately with the grime, algae, and dirt. Then you can crank up the PSI and start to use higher pressure for your wash. This time you will start with the pool deck and then work to the pool walls all the way to the concrete edges and finally the pool floor bottom.


After you apply the first pass-through of pressure washing, if there are areas that did not get dirt and algae loosened from the pressure washer, you can increase the PSI and/or use a turbo nozzle to ensure these remaining areas get additional power to get dirt and grime removed. You can also add bleach, soap or other cleaner so the second wash does better on the walls and desk.

Step 3: Break Out Higher Concentrated Chemicals for Pressure Washer in Tougher Areas


If you do a second wash over the concrete and it is not getting any cleaner, you can use an algaecide bleach that will be way more effective than soap or just increasing the water PSI. Be careful using too much, as this could leave behind white stains that can damage the appearance of your pool exterior and deck.

Step 4: Hire a Professional Pressure Washer if the Job is too Tough


If you feel that you cannot handle this as a homeowner, a professional will be able to do a superior job pressure washing your pool deck, as a professional will have access to a commercial-grade pressure washer equipment, as well as being educated on the appropriate PSI and power settings. They may also have several pressure washer models to choose from, depending on the type of condition the pool and deck are in.

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