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If you don’t have a pressure washer, you need one! You’ve probably seen advertisements for these very handy devices, or perhaps a neighbor or friend has one. Like many people you may have regarded a pressure washer as a needless expense.

The truth is they are very useful, surprisingly versatile, and not expensive at all. They work by directing a very strong, high-pressure jet of water at the chosen area, and are easy to use with extremely low maintenance.

But – we hear you ask – what would you use it for? Well, think of the exterior areas of your home and garden, and how they need cleaning. Or, what about your car and other vehicles? That’s where pressure washers come into their own!

Following are 8 uses for a pressure washer that you may or may not have thought about, and we reckon you’ll want one when you finish this article!

Keep Decking Clean

It’s that time of year again, when we look to clear up the outdoor areas and enjoy time outside in the sun. If you have decking – and it’s a great addition to any yard or garden – you’ll probably find it has weathered and gathered debris, and perhaps moss, algae or mildew, over the winter months.

This is where your pressure washer comes in handy. Turn on, and give your decking a serious wash down, and you’ll have it looking fresh and clean in no time at all. Aside from the aesthetics, you’ll want to be sure your deck is safe to walk on without tripping, since it will see more use during the summer months. 

Wash the Cars

You know those tough, ugly and impossible to scrub off deposits that the birds leave on your car? We all do, and we hate scraping them away! Well, with a pressure washer you can get rid of them quickly and effectively.

You can also give all areas of your car a good wash, including the undersides of the wheel arches, and you’ll be surprised how quickly your car will look as good as new. Plus, there’s no need to pay for a car wash again!

Garden Fences and Wooden Buildings

Over the autumn and winter, your garden fences and larger size outbuildings might have gathered some moss and other dirt. Give them a good going-over with the pressure washer, and they’ll look superb right away!

This is a great time to wash your outdoor woodwork and it will also reveal any areas that might need repairs, so there’s two jobs done in one go.

Get Rid of Those Oil Stains

Cars sometimes drop oil – especially older vehicles – and it stains the driveway and garage. What’s the best way to get rid of the dirty marks left on your driveway? You guessed, it’s the good old pressure washer!

You will be amazed how easily a pressure washer can remove even the most dense of oil stains – you may want to add some detergent to the oil before you attack it with the high pressure water – and have your drive looking clean and new. You can also clean your garage floor this way and, while you’re at it, give the door a once-over too!

Outdoor Cooking

Everyone loves a barbecue, and the season is fast approaching! The problem is you probably left your grill as it was when you last used it last season, so it will be caked in grease and dirt.

Get your pressure washer on it, and see how you can bring it back to sparkling again. It’s a lot easier than the usual method of scrubbing with a brush, sponge or cloth, and you’ll find it to be extremely effective.

If you have other devices that you cook on outdoors – perhaps a grill for your fire-pit, a pizza oven or more – then give those a clean with a pressure washer too before you start using them again.

Got a Boat? You Need a Pressure Washer!

The hull of every boat will quickly become coated in algae and pick up other dirt from the water, and this can be difficult to get to. With a pressure washer, what would usually be a difficult and tiresome job becomes an easy and quick one.

Don’t leave it at the hull; give the decks a good wash before you take to the water for the new season, and the windows and other fittings may benefit from a high pressure jet wash too.

Tools and Other Equipment

How about this for a great idea: get your lawn mower and any other garden tools outside, and give them a wash with your pressure washer. You probably just give your mower a quick look over every now and again, but a proper clean will always help. Just be sure to cover up the motor completely, including the spark plug, to protect it from water damage.

Regular washing will keep your tools in good working order for as long as you need, and will make sure they are always ready to use when needed.

A Clean Patio

We talked about your decking area earlier, but what about that patio and your paths? Also, the hard area around your pool might need a wash once in a while, as all of these areas will be subject to weeds and other small plants growing when left unattended.


Dusting Off Seasonal Items

Chances are you’ve got seasonal items like outdoor Christmas decor, snow shovels, tool boxes, and beach chairs, and for most part of the year, they’re probably hiding out in a shed in your backyard or in a self-storage unit somewhere. When you’ve got your own pressure washer, dusting them off and getting them ready when the time comes will be quick, easy, and painless.

A good pressure washer will quickly clean paved areas – you can do them all at the same time as you’ll find that it takes a lot less time than you expect – and you can then use them without fear of slipping on some unwanted growth!

These are just 8 of the things that you can use your pressure washer for, and there are more that we could mention. You might want to get a ball out of a tree; a powerful jet of water will soon shift it! Or, what about blocked gutters? They can be a real problem and cause expensive damage, but you’ll clear the debris away in no time with your pressure washer.

Have a look around and you’ll find that these very useful machines are far from expensive, and given the sheer variety of jobs they can help you with, they are a great investment that you will use much more than you might have thought.

Too busy or not a fan of DIY cleaning on a Saturday when you could be watching football? Give us a call!