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Washing windows as well as finding the right window washing company to execute the job may seem so simple, yet a lot of customers end up with disappointment and frustration over the ‘pros’ that they previously hired. Below are a few key things to keep in mind that will help you recognize a quality window cleaning contractor.


Check online customer reviews

The world wide web has become a powerful tool to check how reliable businesses are. So do your research. Check online reviews and opt for a company that has a better than average rating. Just like online shopping, you may want to go for companies with a 4 or higher star-rating. Review quantity greatly matters too. So choose a window washing company that has a greater number of reviews. It’s easy for a company to get a 5-star rating with only 5 reviews, but a few dozen might not be too easy to fake.


License and accreditation

All businesses must be approved and licensed by the state and a window washing company is no exception. This may sound like a ‘no-brainer’, but this is something that most customers forget especially when ‘some guy’ offered them an enticing and competitive price. But we all know just how the old saying goes – ‘You get what you pay for’. So keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always the best.


Hire a window washing company that is fully insured. This will protect you and them in the case that any untoward incident happens. So save yourself from trouble and risk and say no to unlicensed and uninsured window washing guy out there.



Price is surely a metric for quality. Of course, you’d want to get the best price that you can. But in most cases, super low pricing is tantamount to poor services. Like all other services, a quality and good washing company will be sure to offer the best price to their customers, but they may not always be the cheapest in town. Simply put, avoid choosing the cheapest service, but there’s also no reason to overpay for it.



Of course, this should always be on the top of your concerns. Always choose a company with an excellent safety reputation. Again, check online reviews and if possible, talk to previous customers.


Employee Standards

All credible organizations run background checks to assess their employees and ensure that they are free from criminal liabilities. You may not want someone on your property that has been involved in previous criminal activities. Right?



A guarantee speaks how good and confident a window cleaning company with the job is. Beyond the tagline “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed”, it is important to look for a company that protects your cleaning investment.


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