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Keeping your gutters cleaned and cleared will go a long way to keeping moisture away from your foundation. As the leaves fall, full gutters will get heavy. Moisture may seep behind overloaded gutters and cause leaks and rot. When properly cleaned and shielded though, your gutters will serve you for years to come.

Challenges of Gutter Cleaning

The first challenge of gutter cleaning is that you have to own and store a ladder. If you only use it to clean your gutters, a ladder is a sizable investment that takes up a lot of space in your storage shed or garage.

Secondly, you need to set up the ladder and climb it. Depending on your age, this can be extremely risky. One wobbly ladder can result in a serious fall. Even younger users can take a tumble, either because the ladder is improperly placed or because they get dizzy. There’s no shame in not liking heights, but climbing a ladder when you’re prone to vertigo is a dangerous choice.

Finally, if you don’t know what you’re doing when you set up your ladder, you can damage the guttering by bending or breaking it. Damaged guttering will become narrow and leaky, which means it will need to be cleaned more often or might need a complete gutter replacement.

Benefits of Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Service

Professional gutter cleaners have:

  • gutter cleaning gear, like solid ladders that hook on so they don’t tip
  • a tolerance for heights
  • tools that will extend their reach, so they only need to move the ladder a few times for safety
  • time to do this work when the weather is ideal

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It’s easy to notice full gutters when it’s raining; they leak over the lip instead of all the water running down the spout. If you see this, call a professional gutter cleaner to stop over on a nice day and use their cleaning tools to get rid of the clogs so the next rain shows your Alabama home shedding rainwater properly.


Gutter damage from hail can run the gamut from cosmetics to destroyed. A professional gutter cleaning service technician can let you know if your gutters are just dinged up or seriously compromised. Getting the opinion of a professional on gutter cleaning is a good idea if you notice a lot of clogs after a hail storm. If you’re in or near Birmingham, give Superior Cleaning Service a call.

Pests and Plants

Wildlife can cause nasty problems if they get caught in a gutter. If water stands in your gutters, it may draw squirrels, birds, and bigger pests like raccoons and possums. If you notice any plant growth in your gutters, you need cleaning help from a professional cleaner. Your cleaning service may need to scrape composted leaves and vegetation from the gutters on your home. If you’ve lived in Alabama for a while, you know just how bad the mosquitoes get in the summertime! Don’t give them a place to call home on your home! Standing water in your gutters will bring a quick end to your next outdoor event before you know it.

Gutter maintenance doesn’t have to be risky. By setting up a regular schedule with one of the best professionals on gutter cleaning in Birmingham, you can be confident that your gutters are checked regularly and will flow freely no matter the weather.

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