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Gutter Cleaning Facts and Myths You Need to Know


Most homeowners believe what is out of sight is not worth cleaning. Gutter cleaning goes a long way in protecting your roof and preventing water leakage though. Not cleaning your gutters can lead to structural issues, foundation damage, landscape erosion, and basement flooding, among others.


Here are gutter cleaning myths that we hear occasionally.

1. Put Them Up, And They Work Forever

A significant number of people believe that there is no need to clean a gutter. You need to clean your gutters several times in a year though, especially if you have many trees in your backyard. A clogged gutter can sag and may not drain water properly. For roof protection, clean your gutter after the fall so that you can get rid of clogged leaves and debris.

2. Cleaning Gutters Once in A Year Is Enough

This is one of the myths people hold too tightly. We agree that cleaning gutters is a tiresome job best left to the professionals. You have to climb up the ladder to remove dense leaves and debris from a clogged gutter. However, cleaning your gutters once in a year is not enough. Gutters are exposed to numerous types of damage. For roof protection from extreme water damage, it is imperative to have your gutters cleaned multiple times a year.

3. Cleaning Gutters Is an Easy Task

Many people think that gutter cleaning in Birmingham only involves climbing a ladder and splashing water. Gutter cleaning requires some level of safety skills. Climbing up a roof to remove debris and leaves can be treacherous. If you happen to lose balance, you can sustain serious injuries. If you are not trained on ladder safety, it is in your best interest to hire a gutter cleaning service in Birmingham.

4. If You Manage to Removes Leaves and Debris, You Are Good

Gutter cleaning doesn’t only involve removing dirt and leaves from clogged gutters. It is a comprehensive exercise that entails inspecting the whole system thoroughly. This includes detecting leaks and flushing out downspouts to prevent roof damage. Professionals will ensure that downspouts are diverted from the home exterior to enable water to drain properly.



Here are facts you need to know about gutter cleaning.

1. Helps Avert Water Damage

Clogged gutters cannot drain water properly. Water remains in the gutters, spill on to the roof and splashes all over the ground surrounding your house. Dampness fosters the growth of molds, and standing water can attract pests.

2. Protects the Roof

Installing a roof is a significant investment, and thus it is good to take care of it. By cleaning your gutters, you will be extending the lifespan of your roof. Water damage and pests can compromise the functionality of your shingles, resulting in excessive repairs. When you clean gutters, water will flow properly, and thus the roof won’t get damaged.

3. Keeps Pests Away

Cleaning gutters eliminate pest infestation. If left unattended for a long time, gutters can be habitats for squirrels, birds, rats, and mice. The more pests come close to your home, the higher the risk of diseases and destruction. Gutter cleaning professionals will remove these pests to keep your home more sanitary and safer.

Ways Gutter Cleaning Can Boost Your Home's Lifespan

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